Video: After the capture of his wife, 'Negro Ober' threatens to kill merchants from various regions of the country

‘Black Ober’: Who is the criminal who threatened to assassinate merchants in various regions of the country?

After in the last hours, through a video, death threats against merchants from various regions of the country were made known by Ober Ricardo Martínez Gutiérrez, alias the ‘Black Ober’from his cell in the Palogordo de Ocaña penitentiary (Santander) for the capture of his wife Julieth Vanessa Martínez Cantillo, ‘alias Johana’some people wonder who is this offender; what is he accused of and when was he captured.

Well, Martínez Gutiérrez belongs to the criminal structure ‘Los Rastrojos-Costeños’ and he was wanted by the authorities (for whom he offered a reward of $100 million pesos) for the crimes of extortion and homicide in the city of Barranquilla and other regions of the country.

This delinquent was captured in October 2021 For the police on a road in the municipality of Melgar (Tolima)thanks to an intelligence and investigation work, and is currently deprived of liberty paying a sentence of more than 50 years. Additionally This man is accused of committing more criminal acts in several municipalities and cities in Colombia.

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The ‘Black Ober’, as he is known in the criminal world, he began to be wanted by the authorities since 2010when he was left as the sole leader of the criminal organization called ‘Los Rastrojos-Costeños’after Víctor Carlos Pérez de Alba, alias ‘Evil Machine’, was killed in an operation by the Public Force.

This criminal organization is mainly dedicated to drug trafficking, hit men, extortion and smuggling.

It should be noted that the Ober Ricardo Martínez Gutiérrez, alias the ‘Black Ober’has been transferred from his detention center four times in a period of 10 years (2013-2023).

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Who is your sentimental partner?

Julieth Vanessa Martinez Cantillo, alias ‘Johana’ or ‘Vanesa’, is accused of handling money that was billed by the organized criminal group ‘Los Rastrojos-Costeños’, of which ‘Negro Ober’ is one of the leaders.

The capture of alias ‘Johana’, occurred on March 23 of this year in the city of Bogotáafter the compilation of information from human and technological sources, and a joint investigative work of the Gaula Atlántico, from the Gaula Elite and a group of Special Operations Commandos.

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