Bishops and priest call to respect Holy Week

A bishop, an archbishop emeritus and a priest agreed to urge politicians to stop their work and ask citizens to enter a stage of recollection, to respect the special time of Easterwhose activities began yesterday with the commemoration of the Friday of pain.

For the Bishop of the Diocese of La Altagracia, Jesus Castro MarsIt is a propitious moment for reflection. “I ask political actors to stop their activities, extemporaneous by the way, and ask their proselytes to join their families in an act of faith.” He said the times summon to discernment.

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Meanwhile, the Archbishop Emeritus of Santiago, Ramon de la Rosa Carpio, recommends exercising the spiritual life with fasting, prayer and charity. “Like good athletes, let’s continue to walk the path of Holy Lent.”

Call of attention

While the priest of the Archdiocese of Santo Domingo Wilfredo Montano calls to expand the ship of solidarity, which is led by its great captain, Christ, “whom you and I follow without fainting.”

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He understands that one must learn to navigate, which is letting oneself be carried away by kindness: “It helps to overcome difficulties, as it also gives us internal joy.” These are some of the religious who in the last hours dedicate their social networks to guide their parishioners on the occasion of Holy Week.

In this regard, the Aquichiócese of Santo Domingo, as is tradition, released the commemorative calendar for Holy Week 2022, chaired by Monsignor Francisco Ozoria AcostaMetropolitan Archbishop, which includes the Sermon of the Seven Words, the next Holy Fridayin the Primada Cathedral, from 1:00 to 3:30 in the afternoon.

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