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Bielsa took on Uruguay!

marcelo bielsa

Rejoice, Marcelo Bielsa fans – the coach has found a new job. Maestro agreed with the national team of Uruguay.

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Back in the national team

El Loco replaced Diego Alonso, who took the Uruguayans to the World Cup in Qatar and did not leave the group. The Uruguayan Football Federation believes that it is Bielsa who will update the age group and lead the national team to the 2026 World Cup.

Maybe Marcelo will turn Darwin Nunez into a pressing machine?

And what did Marcelo do this year?

Bielsa has been out of work since February 2022, having been sacked by Leeds after losing four in a row at 2:17 on aggregate. The club found itself in the relegation zone of the Premier League – then the Argentinean was replaced by Jesse Marsh.

Immediately after leaving Leeds, news broke that Marcelo was expected to join the Bolivian national team. And the Yorkshire fans were so grateful to Bielsa that they bought a page in an Argentine newspaper to thank Marcelo.

El Loco lost a lot of weight. There was no trace of the plump Leeds coach – English fans joked that the Argentine simply misses Yorkshire pudding.

How did it work before?

Bielsa coached two national teams: he ruled his native Argentina from 1998 to 2004, and after a three-year break, he rushed to Chile, holding out there until 2010.

Argentina was considered the main favorite for the 2002 World Cup. Football Federation president Julio Grondona was ready to re-sign Bielsa before the tournament. The officials felt they were part of something special. “If the coach works so well, sooner or later the result will be” –  Grondona explained.

Bielsa was so fired up with the goal that he did not come to the draw and explained the decision in a typical manner – the flight time is better spent studying the opponent. At the headquarters of Argentina there were two people whose work was reduced to just one action – video editing. He took 1,800 videos to Japan, and later, at his special request, another 200 videos were brought. Marcelo studied everything.

A pre-tournament poll showed: 76% of Argentines believed that the team would win the World Cup. Marcelo himself also succumbed to euphoria, openly declaring that any result other than the title would be a complete failure for him.

Argentina didn’t even make the playoffs from the group with England, Sweden and Nigeria.

He fought, took silver at the 2004 America’s Cup and won gold at the 2004 Olympics in Athens. But all this was no longer the same. Marcelo soon quarreled with the officials and left. In 2007, he took on the Chilean national team, and in November 2010 he left the post because of the new president of the football federation – the Argentine could not stand the Spanish businessman Jorge Segovia, he won the elections.

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