Biden Takes Action to Protect Online Privacy After Court Ruling Against Abortion Rights

The president of United States Joe Biden will take this Friday a series of measures to, among other things, protect the confidentiality of women who wish to terminate a pregnancy on the Internet.

According to a White House statement, the president will sign an executive order to “protect sensitive health information” and “combat digital surveillance” related to the abortion.

The text also provides for the protection of mobile clinics that perform procedures to interrupt pregnancy on the borders of states where this practice is prohibited and to guarantee access to contraceptives and pills abortive.

Likewise, it is proposed to organize a network of volunteer lawyers to guarantee that women can travel within the country if they decide to have an abortion without being harassed by the law if they live in a state that prohibits abortion. abortion.

Since the Supreme Court of Justice annulled on June 24 the ruling Roe vs. Wade that in 1973 guaranteed the right to abortion at the federal level, seven states have already prohibited access to voluntary interruption of pregnancy and it is expected that many more will follow that path.

That same day Biden called the ruling “tragic mistake” and announced regulatory measures on access to abortion pills and on the right of women to travel to other states if they wish to have an abortion.

But since then, the Democrat has remained silent on the issue, drawing increasingly virulent criticism from his own Democratic Party.

With this Friday’s speech, he will try to respond to these objections, starting with the promise to “protect sensitive health information” and “combat digital surveillance,” according to the US executive’s press release.

Many activists warn of the dangers linked to online data, such as geolocation or information collected by apps to monitor menstrual cycles, which could be exploited to prosecute women. women that they have aborted.





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