Biden: Pelosi is the most important House Speaker in history

Biden: Pelosi is the most important House Speaker in history

Washington. The American President, Joe Bidendescribed this Thursday the speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, as the most important House leader in history.

“History will mark her as the most important Speaker of the House of Representatives in history: she is the first, the last, and always for the people,” the president said in a message on Twitter minutes after Pelosi announced her retirement as leader. of the Democrats in this chamber the next legislature.

“When I think about Nancy PelosiI think of dignity,” added the Democratic president, who assured that the US owed her “a debt of gratitude for her service, patriotism, and dignity.”

At 82 years old, Pelosi announced this Thursday that she will not run again to be elected leader of the Democratic formation in the Lower House, although she will keep her seat.

The one who has been the first and only woman to preside over the House of Representatives in US history explained that, in her opinion, “it is time for a new generation to lead the Democratic caucus” in Congress.

Pelosi, who has been leading the Democrats in the Lower House for two decades, had anticipated on November 7 that the attack suffered by her husband at the end of October at the family home in San Francisco by a man who was looking for her was going to influence the decision about his future.

His announcement came one day after it was confirmed that the Conservatives have regained control of the House of Representatives by having already secured 218 of the 435 seats in contention, the minimum required to enjoy a majority.

In the Senate, for their part, the Democrats retain power with half of the 100 seats and the tie-breaking vote of the vice president, Kamala Harris, so from January the leadership of Congress will be divided between both parties

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