El presidente mexicano, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, a la izquierda, reunido con su homólogo estadounidense Joe Biden, en noviembre pasado en la Casa Blanca. Foto: Pool / AP / Archivo.

Biden considers inviting Cuba to the Summit of the Americas, but not a high-level figure

The White House is considering the possibility of inviting a “representative” of the Cuban government to the next Summit of the Americasto be held in June in the US city of Los Angeles.

According to the agency AP, the information comes from an anonymous source from the Joe Biden administration, although it is not clear whether the Island government would accept it. From what the language used indicates, the invitation may not cover President Miguel Díaz-Canel or another high-ranking official of his government.

“It is unclear whether Cuba would accept the invitation, the US official said, that it would be extended to someone in the Foreign Ministry to join as an observer, but not to the Foreign Minister himself, and not as a full participant.” , it states AP.

The presumed absence of Cuba has provoked a negative reaction in some governments of countries in the region, such as Mexico, bolivia and the Caribbean nations, which would tarnish the summit itself, for which the United States would be trying to “save an event that is at risk of collapsing,” the agency speculates.

Neither Cuba, Venezuela nor Nicaragua will apparently be invited, because they are countries that Washington considers authoritarian. Assistance from Brazil is also not expected, but for other reasons. President Jair Bolsonaro has always considered himself more of an ally of former President Donald Trump than of Biden.

“(The summit) is a battle over whether dictators should be included in a summit of democratic leaders. That is a pretty clear line,” said Eric Farnsworth, a former State Department official now at the Council of the Americas.

“But once the president of one of the closest countries to the United States geographically and politically starts to mention that, then it becomes a real problem and gives other people cover to line up behind others,” he added. in reference to the position of the Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The Summit of the Americas involves countries of the Americas, from Canada to Chile, based on the schedule of the Organization of American States (OAS).

Chris Dodd, a former US senator from Connecticut chosen by Biden as a special adviser for the summit, spent two hours in talks with President López Obrador this week to try to convince him to change his position, but so far without success.

For his part, Jake Sullivan, Biden’s national security adviser, told reporters aboard Air Force One on Friday that the administration is having “candid and constructive conversations” with the Mexican, but declined to say more.

López Obrador commented this Friday that the summit is still being analyzed and that “we want everyone to be invited.” “We have a very good relationship with President Biden,” he specified and confirmed that “we have been in talks.”

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