Una familia ucraniana en la frontera sur de EU. Foto: The San Diego Union Tribune.

Biden administration announces program for Ukrainian refugees

The Biden administration announced that starting next Monday, April 25, it will implement the “United for Ukraine” program, with which Ukrainian citizens who request it will be able to stay temporarily in US territory for up to two years.

To facilitate and speed up the processes, the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has set up a portal where Ukrainians can apply for asylum and register.

Washington announced that it will no longer be necessary to travel to Mexico for Ukrainians to enter the United States through the southern border, since they will be able to do so through flights from Europe.

“United for Ukraine provides a safe and orderly process for Ukrainians who are currently in Europe and who have ties to the United States to travel, work and temporarily stay in the country,” said the US Embassy in Mexico.

He added that this is a global program, the only basis for citizens of Ukraine to apply for temporary asylum in the United States.

“All Ukrainians currently in Europe are strongly encouraged to stay where they are and apply for admission to the United States from there. Once applicants are matched with sponsors, they will be able to book travel directly from Europe to the United States. There will be no advantages or faster procedures for those who travel through Mexico.

It was reported that the governments of Mexico and the United States collaborate closely to ensure adequate, humane and efficient processing under the United for Ukraine program.

Beginning next Monday, Ukrainians seeking to enter the United States, including those in Mexico, must do so under the new measures and register on the website.

“As of April 25, Ukrainians arriving in Mexico will go through the same process as those in Europe. Those who present themselves directly at the ports of entry or enter the United States between ports of entry without valid documents to enter and who have not gone through the U4U process will be returned to Mexico, where they will receive instructions on how to complete that process. text.

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