Bettiana Díaz

Bettiana Díaz: “What I represent bothers them”

The Deputy for the Popular Participation Movement (MPP), Bettiana Díaz, was the victim of endless insults and grievances through social networks, during and after the questioning of the Minister of Economy, Lily Arbeleche.

The member of the Broad Front led the questioning of the minister, with a battery of 23 questions. The axes through which the instance passed, had emphasis on: Work, Employment, inflation and Child poverty. Notwithstanding, and as a result of the grievances received, the member of the MPP expressed her discomfort, due to the grievances objected to against her person.

«Many who spit hate here do not mind that she is fat or that she once differentiated bondiola from red meat. What I represent bothers them and that does not speak of me but of them. Know that those who insult me ​​confirm that I do not want to be that horrible thing they are », she began by manifesting herself.

“That’s what they think of the people we represent. I guess you must have a very sad life to live hating. And I say that I suppose so because if I learned something, it is that you have to put love to the causes that one defends. So know that they define me too.”

Victim of hate speech

About the end, the representative of the Broad Front snapped and wondered; Am I a victim of her hate speech? Yes. But those who are prisoners of these speeches are them, not me. I send you a lot of love and I hope you are a little happier in these “5 best years of our lives”.

In a sea of ​​grievances, winds of flattery

Meanwhile, the Deputy of the Colorado Party, María Eugenia Roselló, referred to the episode experienced by Díaz.

In the first instance, the Colorado representative praised the “solvency” of the minister and emphasized that Díaz was “prepared” for the instance, in addition to remarking that “she is one of the best legislators of the Broad Front.” She concluded that “there is no grievance.”

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