“Better invest in a business in your country”: US Embassy in Havana sends controversial message to Cubans

MIAMI, United States. — The United States Embassy in Havana launched a publication on social networks this Wednesday that has generated controversy among Cuban Internet users.

The diplomatic headquarters called on the residents of the Island to find legal ways to reach the US. Meanwhile, it recommended that they invest in businesses on the Island to improve their quality of life.

“If you want to immigrate to the United States, do it through legal channels. Think of your family,” says the post.

The publication was accompanied by an image that invited Cubans to invest in their country. “Better invest in a business in your country that helps you improve your life and that of your family.”

"Better invest in a business in your country": US Embassy in Havana sends controversial message to Cubans
Publication of the United States Embassy in Cuba (Screenshot/Social networks)

The message received numerous criticisms from users, who reminded the Embassy of the difficulties of investing in the Island.

“You know very well that this publication has nothing to do with Cuba, right? Or this is a joke in very bad taste, ”said the user lezk_viamont.

“Yes, that they invest in Cuba. So that the Castros take away his business again. You already want to be accomplices in that, it seems,” commented Cuban Diuber Rodríguez.

Others questioned the immigration policy of the US government, which has prioritized humanitarian parole to the detriment of the thousands of cases that are still waiting for family claims.

“It’s easy to tell someone to wait. And when they put a road, they do not prioritize the thousands of Cubans claimed 10 years ago who are waiting for that legal and safe road. I do think of my family, you are the ones who have everything adrift and disorganized. That there are no visas available and how thousands have left with the humanitarian parole”, questioned the Internet user Lydia Rosa Mojenas Rodriguez.

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