Betssy Chávez blames Corpac for the strike: "The ministry never authorized that"

Betssy Chávez blames Corpac for the strike: “The ministry never authorized that”

The Minister of Labor and Employment Promotion, denied that his sector had authorized the air traffic controllers’ protest that paralyzed the service for several hours on Holy Thursday, and pointed out that decisions made by Corpac and the workers’ unions cannot be attributed to his sector.

“At no time does the Ministry of Labor give them the go-ahead to leave thousands of Peruvians in the situation they left on Thursday. At no time was that authorized.”assured in statements to RPP.

Chávez assured that what his sector did was to declare the communication of the strike appropriate for the purposes of discounts as long as a union complies with the formal requirements.

Betssy Chávez assured that it is Corpac’s responsibility that the service has been paralyzed due to the air traffic controllers’ strike. (PRP)

In this case, the minister pointed out that Sunafil verified that until Wednesday the air traffic controllers’ strike was being carried out properly, a situation that changed on Thursday morning when they broke the law and affected the service of thousands of passengers.

“Other people have the right to be guaranteed air transportation. That budget is broken and the work portfolio declares the illegality of the strike […] With or without our authorization, that strike was going to take place.”he detailed.

The minister, also a congresswoman from the Democratic Peru bench, warned that her sector cannot be accused of not having foreseen the situation when it was Corpac’s decision and the workers not having reached an agreement to prevent Holy Thursday.

“It cannot be that, under the pretext that Corpac did not sit down to talk, because it had to sit down with the union, they want to blame the autonomy of the General Directorate of Labor”he stated.

Betssy Chávez accused of strike

The minister thus responded to the questions that were made against her, after the president of the National Chamber of Tourism (Canatur), Carlos Canales, attributed responsibility to her for allegedly having authorized the strike of air traffic controllers that affected 2 million people .

“Minister Betssy Chávez must resign. She is completely disconnected from reality with the rules that the MTPE has been issuing, always attacking the workers themselves, ”said Canales in dialogue with Successful.


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