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Bernardo Bátiz V.: First the poor; what’s missing

Bernardo Batiz V.


high promote and encourage companies cooperatives. Why? A 2018 campaign slogan was For the good of all, first the poor. Once the election was won, the purpose became valuable and effective actions: new jobs in public works; social programs, the most successful, the pension for the elderly; local labor paths; Sowing Life; Youth Building the Future, and others. Nor can we ignore the fact that the government managed to vaccinate the entire population several times, to defeat the pandemic. Everything, to defend a dynamic economy, against the grain of pandemics and international wars.

With that, with a significant increase in the minimum wage, the preferential slogan for the poor is fulfilled; Much has been achieved: preventing the negative global context from leading us to discouragement and frustration; recession prevented; The most visible effects of the measures taken are our strong and stable currency against the dollar and social peace. Everything has been achieved without new debt and with austerity in spending.

But all this, which is very good, is not enough; Four of the six years of this government have passed and, as is natural, it is necessary to consolidate the changes, not only in economic matters, but also in the deeper issue of political ethics and citizen participation. What follows is to ensure that the goal of reducing the wide gap between rich and poor is closed.

We cannot forget that one of the ideas that has served as inspiration and model for the current government is found in the document with which Morelos invited to formulate the Constitution of Apatzingán: the good law moderates opulence and indigence.

The diagnosis shared by the people and the government is that the biggest problem and cause of the rest, of which there are still embers that can ignite again, is corruption. Also, there is consensus in the diagnosis of this evil, corruption. Its favorable environment, the breeding ground in which it thrives, is the neoliberal system; the belief that the free market solves everything automatically and the emphasis on placing free competition as a central social value. Neoliberalism, which has caused so much damage, generated large companies without any social sense and whose only goal is profit; the highest value in the social life of neoliberalism is competition; if you don’t compete, you are nobody; if you compete and do not succeed, you are a loser, the worst stigma for the model of capitalist society; the losers are the poor, the discarded, the migrants and other people whose only property is their labor power, who are exploited and displaced and therefore discriminated against and seen as outsiders.

The government is not, of course, Marxist-Leninist, or even socialist; It is a government that defines itself as leftist and it is, which without expressly saying so, coincides with López Mateos’s phrase: left within the Constitution And this is so, simply because our Constitution, which received many influences from utopian socialism, from Marx without a doubt and from the social doctrine of the Church, adopted a model that was positive for years and has been called the mixed economy.

That copy Hybrid is the one that describes and orders the economic chapter of the Mexican Constitution. So that there is no doubt, I transcribe for my kind readers, the fourth paragraph of article 24, which establishes the following:

The public sector, the social sector and the private sector will participate in the national economic development with social responsibility, without undermining other forms of economic activity that contribute to the development of the Nation.. Later the same precept establishes: Under criteria of social equity, productivity and sustainability, companies in the social and private sectors of the economy will be supported and promoted, subjecting them to the modalities dictated by the public interest and the use, for the general benefit, of productive resources, taking care of their conservation and environment.

Within the social sector, alongside the ejidos, the communal lands and the workers’ companies, there are cooperative societies that differ from stock companies in that, in the cooperatives, the workers are simultaneously owners of the means of production; in the capitalist company, the profits are for the investors, in the cooperatives the profits are for the workers.

The current government lacks, to round off its work, among other things, to promote cooperative societies, as the Church did in Mexico, with the popular savings banks and artisan cooperatives, and Lázaro Cárdenas with fishing, cement and other cooperatives. In both cases, the wave of neoliberalism swept these companies and in order to overcome the cancer of corruption, it is necessary to promote, alongside private enterprise, cooperative enterprise.

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