Bergara points out non-compliance of the government in Housing matters

Bergara points out non-compliance of the government in Housing matters

The Broad Front (FA) released a statement in which “it expresses its deep concern about the situation generated in the National Housing Agency (ANV) where they were about to prescribe thousands of credits for an amount of about 400 million dollars” and He lamented that housing policy is “adrift.”

According to the document signed by the Presidency of the FA, due to “the inexperience in the care and management of public resources” the Parliament had to meet “as serious and urgent” to vote for a two-year extension to the deadlines given by the article 467 of the Urgent Consideration Law (LUC).

In addition, this could be done thanks to the “institutional loyalty and republican commitment” of the Broad Front, since “the parties of the government coalition could not guarantee the approval of the project with their votes because their legislators were not present in the room” .

On the other hand, they criticize “a drifting housing policy present, without any certainty about the availability of resources to address the problem of settlements, or the construction of new units.”

In this regard, it is stated that the government “fails to fulfill what was promised in the electoral campaign.” “The promised 50,000 homes were “a figure of speech” and “settlement zero” was “an aspirational goal”.

Consulted by Diario La R, the senator of the Broad Front, Mario Bergara, said that “the government has not executed a single square meter of the housing programs that it promised. We are already in the third year of government, we should see fewer releases and more works. Accountability does not allocate resources. The “50,000 homes” are another unfulfilled promise”.

Bergara’s statements are related to the two trusts created within the scope of the Ministry of Housing. One, provided for by the 2020-2025 budget law within the five-year housing plan, which was going to be called “Entre Todos” and later added to the name “Sueños en Obra”: “Entre Todos, Sueños en Obra”

Its regulatory decree was on 7/2/2022. The operating regulations were approved by ministerial resolution in June 2022. To date, not one square meter of this program has been built. According to press statements, it aspires to create some 4,000 new housing solutions.

The second trust was created by the LUC – DINISU (National Directorate of Social and Urban Integration. Objective to regularize and eradicate settlements and, according to seregnista sources, is directed by the sister of Minister Azucena Arbeleche, being some of its resources, the removed from the colonization institute in accountability of 2021.

On July 5, authorities told the senate housing committee that work had not begun on any particular settlement, the sources said.

“The only thing that has been done is agreements with the municipalities to work together. The public launch of this program was made in May 2022, in Torre Ejecutiva”.

Bergara posted on Twitter in response to a message previously uploaded by the Secretary of the Presidency, Álvaro Delgado, who stated: “Improving access to housing is a priority of this Government that, for the first time, carries out a plan such as the Advance, which includes the effort of the entire State to respond to the situation of the settlements”. “Today, the minister. of Housing, Irene Moreira, addressed these issues”.

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