Beni Prosecutor’s Office accuses Nallar of drug trafficking and requests 25 years in prison

Beni Prosecutor's Office accuses Nallar of drug trafficking and requests 25 years in prison

May 29, 2023, 4:00 AM

May 29, 2023, 4:00 AM

The Beni Prosecutor for Controlled Substances filed an accusation for an oral trial for the crime of drug trafficking against Misael Nallar Viveros and requested the application of the maximum sentence, 25 years in prison.

The brand new Beni departmental prosecutor, Gerardo Balderas, in contact with EL DEBER confirmed the accusation and said that it is up to justice to define an investigation case in coordination with the Special Force to Fight Drug Trafficking (Felcn).

Gerardo Balderas, affirmed that the oral trial should be installed and, if the sentence request is confirmed, it is taken into account that Misael Nallar is being held in the Chonchocoro prison in La Paz for the murder of three police officers in Santa Cruz, and that he there is no opposition to his continuing in that prison if he is sentenced by justice.

Vehicle and 431 kilos of drugs

The accusation presented before the court by the anti-narcotics prosecutor, Paola Amparo Gómez Carrasco, reveals the story of an open case after the discovery of cocaine in a vehicle owned by Misael Nállar, after an examination that came back positive, which means that it was used by networks. of drug trafficking

The investigations indicate that, after an exhaustive review, those responsible for the crime were declared rebels, including Misael Nallar as the principal.

It all started with the existence of a lead-colored van license plate 3119-DSK, owned by Misael Nallar that, subjected to a chemical aspirate, tested positive for cocaine.

The case was activated after an indictment was filed against Misael Nallar Viveros on October 24, 2022 for trafficking in controlled substances. Freddy Daleney Escalante and Fernando Guardia Rea appear in the investigations of the Felcn and the Prosecutor’s Office as perpetrators of drug trafficking who remain declared in absentia.

The accusation indicates that everything has its origin in the 2017 administration when a shipment of 431 kilos of cocaine was discovered in the Los Nicos del Beni property.

According to Felcn investigations, when the drug shipment was discovered, the Toyota van license plate 3119DSK was intercepted, in which Wilberth Huayra Abregu, a Peruvian national, Deco Falconabad, a Peruvian, and Mario Suárez Bernal, a Bolivian who were related to Misael Nallar, were circulating.

The vehicle is seized, but then Misael Nallar requests the return of the truck as a judicial depository requested, which is granted in December 2017.
The formal accusation is based on the fact that it is possible to detect that the Beni INRA Cadastre registers the transfer of the Los Nicos property in favor of other people investigated for the cocaine shipment.

The Prosecutor’s Office accuses Nallar of trafficking for considering the existence of reliable evidence against him and ratifies the request for an oral trial and the application of a 25-year prison sentence, in addition to the confiscation in favor of the State of the motorcycle that was used to drug transportation.

The Beni departmental prosecutor, Gerardo Balderas, assured that this case is activated and must continue its course with the installation of the oral trial so that a ruling is determined taking into account the evidence, according to the background investigated in coordination with the Felcon.

In Santa Cruz, Misael Nallar and his entourage resist various criminal proceedings. The main one is for the crime of murder of the police officers Eustaquio Olano, Alfonso Chávez and the Gacip volunteer José David Candia Orozco, registered on June 21, 2022 on the road to Porongo.

Nallar is also being investigated for legitimizing illegal earnings, deterioration of wildlife assets and for trafficking in controlled substances.

The defense of the victims of the police, led by the lawyers Jessica Echeverría and Juan Pablo Ibáñez, considers that the action of the authorities of the Beni Prosecutor’s Office is efficient since they activated the case and have already presented an accusation. Juan Pablo Ibáñez said that the Beni thing is to set an example while, in Santa Cruz, all the processes do not advance.

Misael Nallar, in Chonchocoro de La Paz, his brother Widen Nallar Noda, in Palmasola, remain detained, as does Jassir Góngora, while the Colombian Esteban Beltrán Muñoz is imprisoned in the Abra de Cochabamba prison. The lawyer Rodrigo Gonzales Arrázola defends himself in freedom.

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