Bench of indigenous peoples will request the dismissal of TED officials for interfering in the appointment of assembly members

Bench of indigenous peoples will request the dismissal of TED officials for interfering in the appointment of assembly members

February 12, 2023, 20:15 PM

February 12, 2023, 20:15 PM

Inconvenience. The bench of indigenous peoples in the Departmental Legislative Assembly (ALD) will request the dismissal of officials Departmental Electoral Tribunal (TED) of Santa Cruz whom he accuses of interference. Roberto Urañavi, head of the bench, denounced the presence of officials from the electoral body in the assembly called by intercultural groups related to the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS) that took place this Sunday in the community October 31 of the municipality of Yapacaní.

Urañavi observes that the end of the assembly was intended to dismiss the representative of the Yuracaré-Mojeño people, Wilson Cortez, in the Departmental Legislative Assembly. Cortez himself questioned the MAS assembly members yesterday for having promoted their ignorance up to nine times.

The five members of the indigenous bench traveled to the place to see first-hand who participated in the aforementioned assembly. Together with them, native community members arrived who traveled on rafts to Puerto Villarroel.

According to the videos published on social networks, the community members traveled by water to be present at the meeting. Before reaching the community were received with firecrackers by social organizations supporters of the MAS, as detailed by Urañavi.

In another video you can see a raft with police officers who were traveling at the same time. According to the assemblyman, the uniformed men had the mission of protecting those who were already assembled.

There is an order to change all assemblymen indigenous, they want the power of the Interior through the Legislative Assembly. There is a request from the indigenous people to demand the resignation of the members for meddling in these issues, for disrespecting our uses and customs,” denounced Urañavi.

He pointed out that the presence of the president of TED, María Cristina Claros, and the MAS delegate before the Electoral Body, Henry Zeballos, in the 31 de Octubre community, andIt’s a clear sign of interference to “try to revoke the assemblyman of the Yuracaré Mojeño people,” contrary to the principle of self-determination.

Uranavi maintained that the intercultural assembly was not finally installed. They will be pending to ensure the continuity of the elected legislators. “This is the ninth attempt to recall Assemblyman Wilson Cortez,” he added.

Meanwhile, the assembly member of Creemos, Paola Aguirre, stated that the government party has been directing a campaign of harassment, intimidation, harassment and persecution against the indigenous assembly members for having entrusted the vote to Creemos en la ALD.

“The MAS not only uses the Electoral Body to retaliate, for the fact that these indigenous peoples did not vote for them to assume the presidency of the ALD, it is not the first time that they have carried out these attempts to revoke mandates” he questioned.

He explained that unlike the assembly members who are not indigenous, who have a 5-year term in the exercise of their functions, the representatives of indigenous peoples they can be revoked according to their uses and customssince they do not have a term of office.

“This is skilfully used by the MAS to generate permanent instability,” criticized Aguirre.

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