Belizza Ruiz submitted her resignation as Vice Minister of Energy

Belizza Ruiz submitted her resignation as Vice Minister of Energy

After Portfolio warned of the differences that have existed between the Minister of Mines and Energy, Irene Vélez, and the Vice Minister of Energy, Belizza Ruiz, sources confirmed that she had submitted her resignation.

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According to what is known by this means, between the two officials there were differences since the end of last year due to measures that they expected to be taken and that they were not supported by the vice minister, who considered them reckless.

However, the vice minister would not have accepted the resignation request made by Vélez, for which reasonThe head of the portfolio would have thought of declaring it non-existent. Despite this, finally, Ruiz opted to leave his position.

Business sources in the sector have told Portafolio that this exit could mean a high level of uncertainty in the sectoras it would mean that the Government can seek more radical measures.

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Vice Minister of Energy, Belizza Ruiz.

Ministry of Mines and Energy

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At the moment, the Ministry has only confirmed that adjustments are being made “andn some management and coordination positions of the Vice Ministry of Energy, since these are key areas for the government program of President Gustavo Petro”.

Although there is still no clarity on the disagreements between Vélez and Ruiz, lIt is not true that the Energy portfolio suggested that the team that was being formed should be aligned.

As communicated by the Ministry, “we seek that the work team is clearly aligned with the methodologies and goals of the portfolio in terms of lowering energy rates in the country, the creation of energy communities, the presentation and implementation of the Roadmap for the Energy Transition, and the promotion of Latin American energy integration”.

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