“Antes que se saturen las líneas quería desearte feliz Navidad” el recordado mensaje que se enviaba en los años 2000

“Before the lines saturate, I wanted to wish you Merry Christmas”: The message of the ‘little arrow’ most remembered in December

Dozens of Internet users recalled how the text message was issued at that time, as well as the purchase of small plans to ‘chat’.

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In the middle of the Christmas celebration, dozens of Internet users on social networks remembered what the text message service was like in the 2000s.

Thus, many indicated that text messages such as “before the lines are saturated, I wanted to wish you Merry Christmas” was one of the most used at the time and many continue to issue it today.

Said message was sent through the famous ‘coquitos’ cell phones or also known as ‘arrows’, which alluded to Nokia brands such as the 1100.

"Before the lines saturate, I wanted to wish you Merry Christmas": The message of the 'little arrow' most remembered in December

For many, this type of memory has revived their childhood and they show it on networks.

«We had to buy message packages and we were happy sending messages and buzzes. The chat of the 2,000”, they point out

On the other hand, they point out that although these were the first chats, many say they preferred letters.

  • “We could express ourselves without restrictions, although we had to wait a long time for the answer,” say others.

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