Paliza: “Manejo eficiente de la pandemia nos permite ser referentes para otras naciones”

Beating: “Efficient management of the pandemic allows us to be a benchmark for other nations”

SANTIAGO.- The Administrative Minister of the Presidency, José Ignacio Beating gave the conference “Focus on the Dominican Republic Post-Pandemic Covid 19”, andn the framework of a business lunch organized by the Santiago Chamber of Commerce and Production.

During the conference, the minister addressed aspects such as the recovery of the labor sector and the efficiency of public spending.

Beating defined the COVID-19 pandemic as the most complex scenario experienced by recent generations that forced a call to help strengthen multilateral health systems, Paliza highlighted the effective vaccination campaign that promoted health recovery, but also economic recovery with the activation of the various sectors.

Continuing the economic point, the Administrative Minister spoke of the fiscal and monetary policies that made the Dominican Republic the second fastest growing economy in Latin America; he cited increased remittances, foreign direct investment and export processing zones.

In his speech, the official referred to the crisis in Ukraine, and its impact on the increase in the prices of goods and services, which he said threaten post-pandemic recovery. However, he highlighted public investment and targeted policies to mitigate the impacts of inflationary pressure, as key elements addressed by the government led by President Luis Abinader.

In educational matters, he pointed out the progress made in expanding access to education and technology, not only with the delivery of furniture but also with the contribution of more than 137 thousand electronic devices in Santiago.

In another order, he pondered the significant turn that has been generated towards the institutionality, with a commitment to the elimination of corruption and government waste, by establishing an independent Public Ministry, Ombudsman and a Central Electoral Board (JCE), among others.

Minister Paliza ended his speech by citing the main national challenges, for this time that requires thinking about the country’s post-pandemic approach: first, the total reactivation of all economic sectors, second, facing global inflation, and lastly, continuing to impact in the generation of new jobs.

On his side, Carlos Iglesias, president of the Chamber of Commerce and Production of Santiago, expressed the rapid recovery of the production of jobs and pillar sectors of the economy.

“We can say that our country has managed to significantly overcome the adverse effects of the pandemic, which has affected the world,” he added.

The activity carried out in the Maguá room of the Gran Almirante Hotel in Santiago was accompanied by Minister Paliza, the Vice Ministry of Incentives for Production and Entrepreneurship, José Jáquez, and the Director of the Cabinet of the Administrative Ministry of the Presidency (MAPRE), Ernesto Bournigal.

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