Be careful with meals at New Year’s parties, Dr. Gustavo Santamaría provides recommendations to avoid poisoning

Angel Valdes | December 30, 2022

Doctor Gustavo Santamaría, national director of services and benefits of the Social Security Fund (CSS), provided recommendations to avoid health problems during the New Year’s celebration, a party where Panamanian families gather to enjoy the New Year’s Eve dinner year.

“We make this call to Panamanians since at this time many families get together and there is a wide variety of highly elaborated foods, some with ingredients that we are not used to and we can be prey to gastrointestinal problems, which is why it is important that in the preparation of food, it is essential that there be as few hands as possible that handle food to avoid contamination of the food,” said Dr. Santamaría.

Regarding preserving food after New Year’s dinner, Dr. Santamaría indicated that it must be done in a safe way “When they finish their New Year’s dinner, many meals are usually stored, it must be done in hermetically sealed containers and where It can be kept at a good temperature, preferably in the refrigerator, but well stored, because if we leave the food exposed for a long time or we only put aluminum foil on it but at an inappropriate temperature and that makes the food deteriorate more easily, the we eat and it can cause us a gastrointestinal disease, so we recommend doing everything possible to better preserve food.”

He also indicated that we avoid excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages that could not only cause a health problem, he also recommended that if you are going to drive, the most prudent thing to do is not to drink alcoholic beverages. It should be noted that the Social Security Fund is on alert in its emergency rooms during these year-end holidays for the attention of citizens, just as it was for the Christmas holidays.

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