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BCU resolved the dissolution and liquidation of Sara Goldring’s stockbroker

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The Central Bank of Uruguay decided on Wednesday the dIsolation and liquidation of the stock brokerage Custody of Securities Transfers (CVM) that belonged to Sarah Goldringcharged in court for fraud and misappropriation after her company had losses in the order of US$ 100 million.

In a communication signed by the Superintendent of Financial Services, Juan Pedro Cantera, and published this Friday, the BCU reports that it entrusted itself to the Montevideo Stock Exchangecontroller at CVM and United Brokers, “order the dissolution and the consequent state of liquidation in administrative headquarters” of CVM.

Likewise, it appointed as delegated liquidator of the Central Bank of Uruguay in CVM the Trade Defense League.

It also entrusted to the BVM notification of customer balances. as he learned The ObserverThis will happen next week.

Each of the victims will take real dimension of your situationsomething that is considered different from the email devised by Marcos Cukier and that the clients received on June 29, which was the last communication from the company.

The idea of ​​Cukier, one of Goldring’s sons, was socialize losses among the entire client portfolio.

However, the BCU and the BVM dismissed this idea from the beginning and they dedicated themselves to reconstructing each other’s situation, made up of shares and cash.

In the email you will receive in the next few days, The BCU will inform the former clients of CVM that the shares they have will be returned and they will be asked for the name of another broker or company to make the transfer.

As for cash, the losses were practically total.

From this situation it will derive that some victims will be in a different position (worse or better) than they believed they were at the end of June, by virtue of the unsubstantiated information they received from the company.

Meanwhile, the prosecutor’s investigation continues its course.

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