BBVA: How much will the maintenance charge be on your savings accounts?

BBVA: How much will the maintenance charge be on your savings accounts?

The announced several weeks ago that from November 30 of this year there will be modifications in the Independence, Salary, Vip Wellness, Ganadora and Natural Person Current Accounts.

Among the changes given by the bank, a monthly maintenance will begin to be charged, if they do not meet certain requirements. This measure will also apply to account types in which no commission was previously charged, such as the Independencia account.

How much will the maintenance charge be and in what cases will it be charged?

BBVA pointed out that clients of the Independencia account will be able to avoid these maintenance costs if they maintain a minimum balance of S/ 100 or US$ 30, which is not the one in the account on the last day of the month, but rather the monthly average. .

In case that amount is not registered, a monthly fee of S / 10 will be paid.

With respect to the Winning account, you must have an average balance of S/ 1,500 or US$ 500 in order not to pay maintenance, otherwise you will have to pay S/ 8 monthly.

In the case of VIP Wellness, the average balance that must be had is S/ 10,000 or US$ 3,000, otherwise S/ 10 will be paid as a monthly commission.

In the salary account, if the salary is not received for two consecutive months, the commission will be S / 10.

What to do if I do not agree with this commission?

If the client is not satisfied with this new commission, the entity has informed that users will have up to 45 business days to disaffiliate.

“We remind you that if you do not agree with these new conditions, you have the right to terminate the contractual relationship in accordance with the terms of your contract, within a period of 45 calendar days from the receipt of this communication”informed the bank BBVA.

What commissions cannot be charged?

According to the Superintendence of Banking, Insurance and AFPs (SBS), there are commissions and expenses that companies in the financial system cannot charge:

  • Maintenance or administration of inactive accounts.
  • Return of a check badly drawn or without funds, in the case of checks from the same company.
  • Sending account statements by electronic means.
  • Charges in general, when the opening of the account is established as a requirement to make charges related to the payment of a credit.
  • In banking companies, interplace charges for cash withdrawal, through an ATM of the bank itself or at customer service windows in a location other than the city where the bank account was opened.
  • The withdrawal of cash from your credit card.
  • Exceeding the maximum limit of your credit card line.
  • The maintenance or administration of your credit under the revolving system.
  • The reception or management of bills and coins (whether by counting, centralization, verification, or other similar concepts) when carrying out any financial operation.
  • The processing of a claim.
  • Provide financial advice related to the offer, marketing or execution of a contract for financial products or services.


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