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BB launches line for the purchase of low-polluting means of transport

Banco do Brasil launches digital dollar account for its account holders

Those interested in buying means of transport that use little or no fuel can count on a line of credit. Banco do Brasil (BB) launched today (16) the BB Crédito Mobilidade line, which will finance items such as bicycles, scooters, electric or mechanical scooters and motorcycles under 125 cc in up to five years.

Up to 100% of the invoice value of the product can be financed, provided it is limited to R$ 20 thousand, the ceiling of the line. The line has a term of up to 60 months, with the payment of the first installment being possible up to 59 days after contracting. The minimum interest will be 1.83% per month (24.31% per year). The installments are debited from the account on the date chosen by the customer.

Contracting is available to individual customers, who can contract through the Banco do Brasil application. Just go to the “Loans” menu, choose the option “Contract Financing” and click on “BB Crédito Mobilidade”. The goods are supplied through companies that have an agreement signed with Banco do Brasil.

According to BB, the new line increases the institution’s commitment to initiatives with positive social and environmental results. According to a balance sheet released by the bank last week, sustainable credit operations reached R$ 292.2 billion at the end of the first semester, up 13.3% in 12 months. Recently, the bank reduced interest rates for hybrid and electric car financing.

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