Baudean assures that it is "working to capture events for Cologne"

Baudean assures that it is “working to capture events for Cologne”

After the Tourism Week, the national authorities did not take long to take stock and ensured that the movement throughout the country fulfilled the expectations of the different operators in the sector.

The National Director of Tourism Roque Baudean, visiting Colonia, told us that “we are very happy, because the activity was reborn with great force and had a very important calendar of events throughout the territory.”

“That really made Uruguayans prefer to stay in Uruguay, to enjoy the services of the tourist activity in our country. We have had a full week, it has been many years since the whole week had a wonderful occupancy rate and not only with Argentines, who continue to be our main issuing market”

“The numbers tell us that 60% of foreign visitors have been Argentines, but Brazil has also responded very well and we could see it along the entire border. We are amazed at the movement that has been generated throughout the country on all borders.”

“Minister Tabaré Viera incorporated Mr. Arnaldo Nardone as advisor for everything that has to do with attracting international events. They have already captured several events, for example for Cologne. Surely we will be able to make the parade for Prada, a well-known Spanish fashion designer, very soon”, he assured.

“We think that this is going to give Colonia a very important shine and a very great diffusion throughout the world. We have been working on capturing very important events for the entire country. Punta del Este, for example, has been working very well at the level of international congresses and events. The focus has been put on that very professionally. Arnaldo Nardone is a man recognized worldwide in this matter, so we are very happy, and I repeat, of course always thinking of Cologne as a particular attraction”, he asserted.

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