Batteries to the new road closure in the NQS with Av. Américas and Calle 26

Batteries to the new road closure in the NQS with Av. Américas and Calle 26

Traffic in Bogotá is becoming more and more complex and one of the main reasons undoubtedly has to do with the many work fronts that are being carried out in the city, many of them having to do with the construction of the Bogotá Metro, as well as also with the improvement of the road network.

This time, the Mobility secretary has authorized the new closure of the south-north lane NQS Avenue between Las Americas Avenue with Calle 26 Avenue, this taking into account the construction activities will be done to replace the concrete slabs.

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When and at what time?

Citizens should keep in mind that the closure will take place from this Thursday, May 19, from 9:00 a.m. until Monday, May 23, at 4:00 p.m.

In turn, the entity has announced what the management plan will be for users to circulate through this sector and avoid traffic.

In that sense, for those who circulate in a South-North direction on Av. NQS may take the av. Calle 19 al Oeste and av. Carrera 50 to the North.

In the case of pedestrians and bicycle users, “the platforms and existing infrastructure for pedestrians will not be affected in any way, for this reason pedestrians will be able to circulate normally through infrastructure designed for this purpose,” says the Ministry of Mobility.

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