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Batteries: The services that you can no longer pay for at Baloto points

Batteries: The services that you can no longer pay for at Baloto points

Probably the majority of Colombians, to avoid the queue to go to physical points of the network of CADES of the cities, go to the Baloto points in order to pay for their public services.

However, for those who have this alternative to catch up with the payment of the services of the Public Companies of Medellin (EPM) This facility will end soon, because as of May 25, the entity’s contract ends with the physical points at the national level of this lottery.

It should be noted that in addition to the payment of services, the procedures included prepaid top-ups, subscription to ‘Payment to suit you’ and others.

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According to the company’s explanation, published by Semana, it is disclosed that the decision has to do with Baloto’s changes in his new operator and the end of the contract with IGT Colombia. “As of May 25, none of the transactions associated with public services with EPM, that is carried out through the Baloto collection channels and points, will be applied or paid to the invoices”, the entity emphasized, citing the aforementioned medium.

So, where can services be paid for now?

Although this alternative will not be available, there are still many channels that citizens will have to catch up with these obligations.

In the case of those seeking to make the ‘split payment’ and ‘pay as you like’, the collection points available are Red Gana, Cotrafa, PTM Comercialcard, Coofinep, CFA, Efecty, Coofinep. In turn, Gana points and PTM Comercialcard will be other options

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In the case of the energy bill, the options to which you can resort are the Gana red points, PTM, Coofinep, Winred Cotrafa, CFA, Efecty, preload by SMS and EPM website, EPM and Nequi self-service modules.

In the case of traditional prepaid bills, chain stores (Almacenes Éxito,Consumo, Carulla, Surtimax), over-the-counter payment at banks (Bancolombia a la mano -bank correspondent-, BBVA, Banco de Bogotá, ScotiaBank Colpatria, Davivienda – banking correspondent-, Sudameris, Itaú, Banco de Occidente, Banco Popular), payment centers (GANA, PTM, Moviired, Efecty, Super Giros, Super Efectivo, Winred – CB Coofinep-), cooperatives (Cotrafa, Confiar, Coofinep, CFA, CooSanroque, CooSanluis, CoopMaceo, Coopsuya), are the authorized entities.

For those who want to continue avoiding long lines, the alternatives that citizens increasingly resort to are electronic payments in authorized banking entities, as well as through the button PES.

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