Batteries, don't splash it: the places in Bogotá with the highest flooding

Batteries, don’t splash it: the places in Bogotá with the highest flooding

In recent days, the rains have generated several emergencies throughout the country, including some landslides, floods and accidents due to poor visibility and holes that are hidden between giant puddles.

Bogotá is one of the cities that has suffered the consequences of the La Niña Phenomenon. With several cases of accidents and road closures, people have had to live a martyrdom to go to their homes or work in the middle of the rains.

One of the main road corridors affected is the La Calera road, which has suffered several closures to solve pflood problems, landslides, tree falls, among others.

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In the same way, in Bogotá there are several sectors in which the rains have left some ‘disasters’ with their passage.

Some of the major accidents occur on behalf of some hollow that when it rains they are hidden in the water and it is almost impossible to observe them.

with the plan Road Maintenance led by the Mayor’s Office of Bogotá, program that was launched during the months of December and January and that made it possible to recover the road network in main corridors and local roads.

However, there are still several sectors of the city where holes are still a big problem. The report explains that the entity intervened 243 streets for a total of 34 km of lanes and 37,023 holes covered.

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