Barcelona survives and others fade in Ecuador

Barcelona survives and others fade in Ecuador

05/24/2022 at 07:03


the madness in the ecuadorian football was present on this day and still keeps in shock the fans of the favorite teams to win the first phase of the national tournament, some of which went out, while Guayaquil’s Barcelona stayed alive.

At the close of the penultimate day of the first phase, the Sports Cuencawho came out as favorite, tied this Monday 1-1 from home to Ourense. Jefferson Vernaza put the Cuenca team ahead and Paraguayan Leonardo Villagra scored the equalizer for Orense. Cuenca was ninth with 21 points, followed by Orense, with 20.

League of Quito was the first to go out last Saturday with the draw 2-2 as local before Guayaquil Cityin a match in which the team from the capital was a favorite and needed to win to reach the top of the standings.

That result favored the defending champion, the Valley Independentwho went from rubbing his hands and caressing a victory to savoring bitterness, because his favoritism crashed into a humiliating loss 0-1 in his own house before Mushuc Rune. fans of Barcelonawho has 27 points, are still in shock and wonder how Independiente could lose to the modest Mushuc Runa, a result that allowed them to placate their own loss 2-1 suffered before him Aucasin a cocktail of results that kept hope to win the phase.

While Independiente and Liga had raised their level in recent dates, Barcelona gave up chances, because from eight points that they had taken advantage of their immediate pursuers, they arrived on Sunday against Aucas with only one advantage, but with a drop in their level of match. Football usually brings out these kinds of surprises, which is why Barcelona fans hope that next Sunday their team ratifies their times of good football to try to defeat Cumbayá and leave their three pursuers without an option.

Another team that surprised Independiente and the wizened Liga de Quito was Catholic Universitywhat won 0-1 from visitor to Emelec and, although he accumulated the same 26 points as Independiente and Liga, he was second in the standings for his best goal difference.

The first phase will close with four games with schedules unified by the Pro League, starting at 7:00 p.m. local time (00:00 GMT) next Sunday: Barcelona-Cumbayá; Catholic University-Delfin; October 9-Independiente del Valle and Liga de Quito-Macará.

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