Bárbara Farrat Guillén

Bárbara Farrat Guillén: “This battle is not over”

Havana Cuba. – Laugh, cry. A sea of ​​nerves and feelings dominate Bárbara Farrat Guillén, who still cannot believe that her son Jonathan Torres Farrat, the 17-year-old arrested for participating in one of the demonstrations on July 11, 2021 (11J) , is already by your side.

“I still feel nervous,” Farrat Guillén assured in an interview with CubaNet. However, he also confessed that he is afraid because his son has not been exonerated from the charges of “public disorder” and “attack”, crimes for which the Prosecutor’s Office asks him for eight years in prison.

Last Wednesday, he received the news that a change of measure had been approved in favor of Jonathan, and that he would be released on bail.

“For me, the lawyer had stayed at the ninth request for a change of measure, which was when I told him not to ask for it anymore, that I already knew as a mother that they were not going to accept it; but he knew that if I continued to exert the pressure that he was exerting at some point they would accept it, “Farrat Guillén said.

A prosecutor’s request for eight years in prison weighs on Jonathan – two for the alleged crime of “public disorder” and six for “attack” -. To be released this Wednesday, his mother had to pay a bail of 3,000 pesos.

The woman confessed that, at some point during the struggle for her son’s liberation, she thought she would break but her love, as she highlights, made her get over it and move on.

“For a moment I thought that I was not going to be able to take it anymore, but when they hit you like this, deep down, in your son, you take strength from where there is none and you can win any battle; and there have been many, but it was possible, ”he assured.

He also explained that his son’s stay in prison changed him: “My son has been quiet, he is another boy, they transformed him.”

Regarding her activism in favor of the release of political prisoners, the woman said: “I will continue to be active, I will not be doing a direct one every day (…), but at least I will publish on social networks, I will continue sharing complaints, because this battle is not over”.

Likewise, the interviewee confessed that, after her son’s release, she was crying and thanking God for having given him back.

“I started to cry, it seems that yesterday at dawn [jueves] It was that I broke that knot I had, because it has not been easy, ”he lamented through tears.

Since the arrest of Jonathan Torres Farrat in August 2021, his mother has become an activist for the release of political prisoners, for which she was arrested by State Security on several occasions.

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