Bárbara Domingos wins unprecedented gold in Rhythmic Gymnastics Grand Prix

Bárbara Domingos wins unprecedented gold in Rhythmic Gymnastics Grand Prix

A week after being the first Brazilian on the podium of a stage of the World Cup in rhythmic gymnastics in an individual dispute, Bárbara Domingos made history again. This Sunday (9), the 23-year-old from Paraná won the Grand Prix of Thiais (France) in the ribbon test. Never had a gymnast in the country won a medal in an event of this level.

Babi, as she is known, received 31,100 points from the judges for her presentation with the ribbon. The Hungarian Fanni Pigniczki (29,250 points) and the French Helène Karbanov (29,000) completed the podium. She also participated in the final of the ball test in Thiais, finishing in eighth place, with 26,100 points. In the general individual, which considers the sum of the scores of the exhibitions with ribbon, ball, hoop and apples, the Brazilian also came in eighth, with 115,050 points. Karbanov took gold (121,000) and Pigniczki bronze (119,050), while Zohra Aghamirova of Azerbaijan took silver (119,150).

Barbara’s next commitment will be the World Cup stage in Tashkent (Uzbekistan), starting on Friday (14th). Besides her, Brazil will be represented by Maria Eduarda Alexandre, 15 years old, who will make her debut in an event of this level. The athletes board this Monday (10).

Brazil’s moment in rhythmic gymnastics is historic. Last week, Bárbara was the first athlete from the country on a World Cup podium in the individual, with bronze in Sofia (Bulgaria). In March, at the stage in Athens (Greece), the Brazilian quintet formed by Giovana Silva, Maria Eduarda Arakaki, Nicole Pírcio, Sofia Madeira and Victória Borges, won bronze by teams in the general competition (which considers the scores of presentations with five hoops and mixed – two balls and three ribbons), an unprecedented feat.

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Brazil has never been on the Olympic podium in rhythmic gymnastics. The best individual performance was the 23rd place of Natália Gaudio, at the Rio de Janeiro Games, in 2016. In the team dispute, the country twice reached the eighth position, in the editions of 2000, in Sydney (Australia), and 2004, in Athens.

To ensure presence in the team competition at the Paris Olympics (France), which will bring together 14 teams, Brazil will have to seek one of the five vacancies in dispute at the World Championship of the modality, between August 23 and 27 of this year, in Valencia (Spain). ). If not, the last chance will be to win the event at the Pan American Championship, scheduled for April or May 2024.

The individual dispute in Paris will have 24 gymnasts, with a limit of two representatives per country. The World Cup in Valencia will distribute 14 places, while the Pan American Championship will award the champion athlete.

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