Banxico will retire the 1,000-peso bill

Banxico will retire the 1,000-peso bill

The purple 1,000-peso bills replaced the D1 family bill in 2008, which is also in the process of being withdrawn and was designed in blue and brown tones.

What banknotes make up the F family?

The F family banknotes began to circulate in 2006 and the last one was launched in 2017. This collection introduced polymer for the first time on the 20 and 50 pesos banknotes. In addition, the designs and launches commemorated the centennial of the Mexican Revolution and the bicentennial of the Independence of Mexico.

What happens with the tickets in the withdrawal process?

Bills and coins in the withdrawal process retain their power, so you can continue using them to make your purchases or payments.

When these notes arrive at the banks and are in the withdrawal process, financial institutions must separate them to deposit them in the Bank of Mexico and not deliver them to the public again.

What do I do if I have a ticket in the withdrawal process?

If you have any of these pieces, you can go to a bank (it doesn’t matter if you are not a customer) and ask to change the piece. The institution NO will charge you no commission or ask you for anything in return.

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