Banreservas hará acuerdos beneficio colectividad UASD

Banreservas will make agreements to benefit the UASD community

The general administrator of the Banco de Reservas, Mr. Samuel Pereyra, showed his willingness to extend commercial relations with the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD).

In a meeting with Editrudis Beltrán, rector of the educational institution, Pereyra announced that the bank will take on the remodeling of the UASD indoor field, which prompted him to visit that facility located next to the Alfredo Edmead Stadium and request the roof plans. to expedite the start of work.

Editrudis Beltrán showed her gratitude for the announcement made by the official, stating that the field is in a difficult situation.

Pereyra stressed that both institutions have strong commercial ties and that the UASD plays an important role in the country’s development.

Therefore, the banking entity he directs is able to reach agreements with the authorities to implement programs that benefit students, teachers and university employees.

“Our Reserve Bank is willing to facilitate soft loans so that the Uasdians can buy a roof to live in or a car to transport themselves to their respective work centers,” he added.

Expressing his gratitude, Rector Beltrán showed his satisfaction for the words expressed in favor of the house of higher studies and suggested calling a new meeting to define the bases of these negotiations.

Along with Beltrán, Ramón Desangles, Administrative Vice-Chancellor; professor Antonio Ciriaco, dean of the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, and Jesús Andújar, director of the rector’s office, among others.

Pereyra was accompanied by Doris Laura Uribe, director of the Banreservas Government Area; Simón Estrella and Luis Ricardo Miñoso, Director of Advertising.

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