Banking crisis deepens, Deutsche Bank shares plummet

Judith Pena | March 25, 2023

The waters in the financial world are very troubled after the bankruptcy of two banks in the United States (USA), the Silicon Valley Bank and the Signature Bank, in addition to the subsequent collapse of Credit Suisse in Europe; now the crisis worsens as the largest bank in Germany has fallen.

This is Deutsche Bank, which, like the price of the main European banks, ends the week in the red, leading the fall with 8.5%. Although it has already reported drops of up to 14%.

This drop was recorded after the entity announced that it would release 1.5 billion dollars of subordinated debt on May 24, before its maturity in 2028.

Despite the fact that the collapse of Deutsche Bank has been the most notorious, the rest of the European banks have also closed in the red, with its main competitor, the also German Commerzbank, which fell by 5.45%

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