Bank recommendations when using the internet and social networks

Bank recommendations when using the internet and social networks

The Association of Multiple Banks of the Dominican Republic (ABA) called on users and the general public to maintain healthy habits when browsing Internet and to use digital tools, as a way to prevent them from being victims of cybercrimes.

In a press document, the ABA highlighted that, in recent years and especially due to the pandemic, the number of users with access to Internet and also the potential risk through this platform.

The union detailed that, according to statistics from the Dominican Institute of Telecommunications (Indotel), at the end of 2021, 9,466,815 users were registered, presenting a growth of 8% (701,547 new users) compared to December 2020, when there were 8,765,268 accounts.


The ABA explained that since last year it has carried out a continuous orientation initiative, from the website raise awareness about cybersecurity and offer useful information to those who use technological and digital resources.

Taking this initiative as a reference, the union called on users to be aware of the different ways cybercriminals use to carry out scams, identity theft and information theft, among other practices.

The ABA pointed out that one of these modalities is “phishing”., a social engineering technique that uses fake emails to steal private information, steal money, or infect a computer or cell phone with a virus. In that order, he always recommended making sure that the sender is who he claims to be and not an impostor.

The union reminded financial users that banks have various channels enabled to clarify doubts or make reports of inconveniences in terms of cybersecurity on the services they offer.

Finally, the entity reiterated the commitment of its members to accompany multiple banking users in the good management of their digital habits and in offering them quality services, while protecting their banking information, thus guaranteeing an increasingly digital banking. safe.

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