Banco Popular chosen as the best bank in the DR 2022

Banco Popular chosen as the best bank in the DR 2022

The popular Bank Dominican reported today that he was recognized as “Bank of the Year” by financial magazine The Bankerbeing the 14th occasion in which the international publication medium distinguishes the Dominican banking entity with this award in which they analyze the performance of intermediation entities.

The Banker collects, in its December edition, part of the efforts and achievements of the Popular to facilitate the return to normality, in economic terms, of the country, maintaining “a healthy growth in its financial indicators” and, at the same time, “constantly innovating” to improve the experience of its customers and encourage the transition towards an economy with less environmental impact.

He also highlighted “the digital leadership of popular Bankemphasizing that it is the first bank in the country that facilitates the presentation and monitoring of claims through its mobile application, the Popular technological application, without the need to go to a branch, an innovation even at the regional level, ”says the note sent.

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When evaluating its performance, the magazine added that the Dominican bank is on “good track” in terms of its digital transformation Yet the modernization of its portfolio, which also values ​​the implementation of biometric authentication to become a customer, among other functionalities enabled in the Popular app.

The “Banks of the Year” award for The Banker has been carried out since 2000. The winners are chosen from analysis that the magazine makes of the financial information and the projects of financial intermediation entities of more than 120 countrieswhich compete with their local peers.

Bank committed to sustainability

The Banker extended the distinction with a mention to the expansion of the portfolio of green finance “Go ECO” and, within this, the increase in financing for hybrid and electric vehicles or the installation of solar panels. In addition to products from alternative financing As the leasing green, as well as the issuance of a green bond to deepen Popular’s commitment to sustainability.

The magazine highlighted the active work of the Dominican banking entity to increase the inclusion of broad sectors of the population in the country’s financial system, developing a platform for education online ( that, free of charge, offers users content and certifications to improve their financial education and health.

The executive president of Popular, Christopher Paniaguavalued the award and attributed it to “the trust of customers and the tenacious work of the teams of collaborators, executives and support staff”, which allowed the bank to continue providing financial services that “have improved the quality of life of users , responding to their needs and generating value for them”, indicates the statement.

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