Banco BHD León abre convocatoria para premio para mujeres

Banco BHD León opens call for award for women

The BHD Leon Bank opened the call for the seventh edition of the Women Changing the World Awardan annual initiative through which it distinguishes women who carry out social work that positively impacts their communities and society in general from areas such as social action, entrepreneurship, gender, environment, art, education, health, among others.

“With each edition of the Women Who Change the World Award, women who come out of their own interests to promote the human development of the people they work for are recognized,” he said. Josephine Navarrobank executive.

The recognition, to be held in November, consists of a cash prize of RD$1 million for the first place winner, two prizes of 500,000 pesos for the following two places, 200,000 for each finalist.

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In addition, both the winners and the finalists participate in a financial advisory, institutional strengthening and support program through which they receive training on entrepreneurship, financial and values ​​education, business management, and training for the sustainability of its initiatives.

The award jury is made up of claudia catrain, expert in corporate social responsibility; journalist Huchi Lora, Maria Amalia Leonexecutive director of the Eduardo León Jimenes Foundation; Mercedes Ramospresident of Grupo Ramos; Oscar Villnuevapresident of the Quiéreme Como Soy Foundation, the writer Soledad Alvarez and Steven Puigexecutive president of Banco BHD León.

Through this award they have been recognized 72 women from different areas of the country and residents abroad.

The rules and application form for the Women Who Change the World Award are available at or they can be requested at any of the branches of Banco BHD León nationwide.

Nominations can be submitted until May 31, 2022.

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