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Banco Basa presents a talk with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development

Seneté has a new Pozo Poderoso winner, which on Sunday, June 19, exploded with Gs. 2,500,000,000, plus a fully furnished apartment located in the Central department.

The winning card is No. 300,203 The lucky winner is Mr. Antolín Esteban Marquez Acosta, 60 years old, retired from the MEC and who, along with his wife and 2 children, reside in the Matachi neighborhood of the city of San Roque González de Santa Cruz, department of Paraguarí.

Antolin takes the sum of Gs. 2,500,000,000, and a furnished apartment and he thus becomes a new Seneté millionaire.

Seneté is the bingo of records in Paraguay. Derlis Rólon Estigarribia took in November 2021, the sum of Gs. 4,400,000,000, the largest first prize in the gaming industry and an unprecedented event in Paraguay. This year we delivered to Mr. Antolín Márquez the sum of Gs. 2.5 billion and a furnished apartment. In 2007, Mrs. Natividad Paredes de Astigarraga was awarded the sum of 2,400 million guaraníes, thus enlarging the list of winners of the largest jackpots.

Seneté with 17 years of experience has the sum of 706 Wells delivered, equivalent to Gs. Gs.82,181,381,944 only in POZOS, adding a total of more than 6,036,865 winners since its creation.

It is the company with the most innovations in games of chance and the only one in the field that currently has certifications, from the game software, the E-Commerce site, the online monitoring and control system and the lottery ticket that is They are certified by GLI (Gaming Labs International), the largest lottery certifier in the world.

So far this year, 3 wells have been exploited, 2 Double Chance Wells and this Powerful Well with Gs. 2,500,000,000 and 1 furnished apartment. Also so far this year, Seneté has already delivered 24 medium and high-end vehicles and billions in various prizes.

The trust and transparency that it transmits to its clients make people feel encouraged and dream, and it becomes a beautiful reality, just as it happened with Antolín Márquez.

Seneté, as established by law and the commitment it maintains with society and with its bettors, has already been donating to the National Fund for Solidarity Resources for health by law 6,703/2020 the Sum of Gs. 6,160,377,389.

To learn more about the winners, you can visit the social networks @senetepy and also the website www.senete.com.py

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