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backless democracy

backless democracy

Democracy or demos kratos, “power of the people” is not one of the systems of government or life that in some countries, like Algeria, is an exotic flower. Democracy has become popular in the late 1980s and early 1980s. 90, a time in which Paraguay also put aside one of its longest-running and disastrous dictatorships that unfortunately we are only now beginning to realize that negative legacy that it left due to the quality of doing or wanting to do politics. More than 30 years after that liberating coup of 1989.

Dalia Ghanem, a specialist on the subject, did several works in this regard such as “Understanding the persistence of competitive authoritarianism in Algeria”, this country, a former French colony and very rich in oil. In fact, Paraguay bought that crude from that country to refine it at its Villa Elisa plant.

The Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria is one of the fifty-four countries that make up the African continent. Its capital and most populous city is Algiers. It is located to the north of the continent, limiting to the north with the Mediterranean Seato the east with Tunisia and Libya.

Algerian politics take place within the framework of a semi-presidential constitutional republic, in which the President of Algeria is the head of state, while the Prime Minister of Algeria is the head of government. The executive power is exerced by the government. And it is not put into practice nor, unfortunately, does the concept of democracy exist in the exercise of policies in the country.

The way in which that African country is governed is a threat of authoritarianism and its destructive maneuvers of government institutions and even of the population itself, its ideas and claims to participate and integrate into governments that are also ours, and for this reason it demands that the citizen is the one with the greatest weight in any open debate on policies proposed by candidates for whatever, now prior to the general elections with more reason.

Democracy without education

What will happen in April is not just any day, like the true owners of power, we vote for the candidates and we vote for those who we think no longer serve or will not serve for a particular position.

Democracy is something that only has strength, transcendence and durability if the dialogue, discussion and curiosity of the citizen towards his government exists and is part of the agenda of the settler as well as his food, hygiene and rest. The authoritarian history of these countries remains constant and firm and democratic forms fail to reduce their weight on the population.

Democracy requires an educated and informed citizenry that is not emphasized by any authoritarian government because it would expose them and kill them off.

The human being evolves or involutes, although the first is what is most desired and what we must also put into practice in our lives in particular. The Algerian thing is what we knew very well and its elections are very unlikely to change things. Democracy requires having educational systems that include the integration and participation of the whole towards what has to do with that whole and that is the antithesis of the authoritarian regime of the Algerian regime.

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