Ayoreo deliver 100 kilos of drugs to the Felcn for fear of reprisals from drug traffickers

Ayoreo deliver 100 kilos of drugs to the Felcn for fear of reprisals from drug traffickers

This Tuesday the Ayoreo of the Suejay community, in Cuatro Cañadas, delivered 100 kilos of cocaine agents of the Special Force to Fight Drug Trafficking, because they fear reprisals from Colombian drug traffickers, who have already taken hostage two members of their indigenous people.

This delivery of the controlled substance occurs after yesterday, the police officers together with the prosecutor Freddy Guzmán they carried out a raking through the towns of Porvenir and Puesto Paz. In this area, a brick-type package with cocaine was found at the Eucalipto farm and the landlord identified as Elio Morón Cesarí was apprehended, who will be brought before a judge this Thursday.

The indigenous people of Suejay fear that the drug traffickers will return and retaliate by snatching their cargo with at least 500 kilos of cocaine, which was to be sent to Brazil in a small plane, which was to take off on Sunday from a clandestine airstrip in Cuatro Cañadas.

For this reason, some families They did not send their children to school on Tuesday. In addition, they blocked the entrances to their community with logs and stones, to cut off the access of unknown persons, with the exception of the Police, who continue to rake the area.

In addition, among the members of the indigenous they collected 100 brick-like packages and handed them over to the leaders of their community, so that they can return them to the Felcn. In this way, the Departmental Prosecutor’s Office of Santa Cruz has confirmed that more than 200 kilos of drugs have already been recovered.

A refugee hostage

On Sunday, after a group of Ayoreo intercepted two vans of drug traffickers to seize at least 500 kilos of drugs, two indigenous people were taken hostage. Given this complaint, the Police mobilized and on Monday, the two victims were released and had no signs of violence.

One of those affected arrived this Tuesday at the Confederation of Indigenous Peoples of Eastern Bolivia (CIidob) to request refuge, while investigations are carried out in Four Canadas.

“He is an indigenous brother from the Porvenir community who claimed to have been kidnapped and intimidated to reveal the identity of the people in his community who participated in an ambush on drug traffickers in which they snatched a shipment of alleged drugs,” said the legal adviser of the Court of Indigenous Justice, Gary Martínez.

Martínez said that the victim is sheltered in the Casa Grande after request guarantees from Cidob and the Ministry of Government because he fears that his life and that of his relatives.

In addition, it is expected that the indigenous give your informative statement before the Special Force to Fight Crime (Felcc) accompanied by a translator, since he does not speak Spanish.

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