Aylín Mujica, una cubana de telenovela

Aylín Mujica, a Cuban telenovela

Mexico City, Mexico.- Aylin it was clear that she would be an artist. That is why when she was just eight years old she began to study folk dance and classical ballet in Cuba.

Later, her passion for dancing changed to acting and she entered the Higher Institute of Art where she studied dramatic art. In the middle of the special period, the artist left Cuba and settled in Mexico.

In Aztec land, the blue-eyed Cuban began doing commercials and posed for several adult magazines. Little by little, Mujica’s beauty and talent made her way into the television industry.

In 2006, Aylín started working at Telemundo where she participated in various soap operas such as “Marina” (2006), “Niños ricoes, pobres padres” (2009), “Aurora” (2010), “Corazón valiente” (2012) and “Les Miserables” (2014). By 2018, she appears on Univisión for the first time in the telenovela “La bella y las bestias”. She stands out above all in her roles as a villain.

Soon those who follow her soap operas will be able to see her in “Juego de mentiras”, whose premiere is scheduled for 2023.

About this Telemundo production, the Cuban woman herself advancement: “It is a thriller. Everyone is a suspect, everyone seems to be the murderer; even we are confused because we don’t know why for all this amazing story you want to read more and more. As you move forward you’re saying ‘this is the killer, this is the killer.’”

At 49 years old and with three children, the Cuban not only remains in a privileged place in the dramatized industry, she has also had the opportunity to try herself in the cinema.

In the seventh art he acted in “From within” (2015), “About Alexa” (2007), “My secret love” (2006), “The accomplices of hell” (1995), “El castrado” (1995) and “The Steel Horseman” (1994).

In terms of theater, he has also stepped on the stage in works such as “Hijas de su madre” (2017), “Celia, the musical” (2016), “Obscuro total” (2014), “Manos quietas” (2012), ” Dracula” (1999), “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” and “Cinderella”.

With a 30-year career as an actress, Aylín received her star on the Paseo de las Luminarias in Mexico City and became the first Cuban to hold this recognition.

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