Avianca Airlines and Viva Air want to be part of a single business group, there is already an agreement

Avianca Airlines and Viva Air want to be part of a single business group, there is already an agreement

Avianca and Viva Air sign to belong to the same business group.

Through the agreement of both airlines, the unification of economic rights will be made, thus being part of the same business group.

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It was confirmed that the airlines Avianca and Viva Air, which had been “fighting” for customers, offering offers and trying to create new routes, signed a unification agreement, where Viva will be part of the Avianca Group holding company.

It was also announced that Declan Ryan, who is the founding partner of the airline Viva Air, would be part of the board of directors of the new business group.

The shareholders that are part of the two airlines reported that this agreement was approved unanimously, thus creating the unification of economic rights of both groups.

According to the statement by the Avianca airline, “This new and solid group of airlines would benefit customers by having a more efficient cost structure that would allow them to offer even lower prices, in addition to a route network that would promote direct connectivity. between destinations, a strong loyalty program, and friendly, efficient service in keeping with the needs of today’s traveler.”


Likewise, they also report that the process is subject to approval by the regulatory authorities.

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This decision to unify economic rights was made as a result of the Covid-19 health crisis that directly affected air transport companies.

Under this premise, it seeks to strengthen the ties between companies to provide low prices and greater accessibility in terms of routes.

The decision is awaiting approval, if so, this will boost the air transport market and provide better service to users.

Considerable growth can be obtained in terms of innovation, investment and financing to be able to provide improvements in this air transport service, the companies indicated.

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