Auto parts manufacturers from Nuevo León move towards the electric car market: Manuel Montoya

Auto parts manufacturers from Nuevo León move towards the electric car market: Manuel Montoya

Monterey, NL. Monterrey companies such as Nemak, Metalsa Y Quimmco Group are moving towards the manufacture of components for electric vehicles, however, supercharger technology is lacking and batteries are very expensive, said Manuel Montoya Ortega, director of the Automotive Cluster of Nuevo León.

However, he warned that the electric vehicle is more simple, and there will be parts that are no longer required such as the engine, transmission, clutch and exhaust system, which are required for internal combustion cars. “The industry has to be reconfigured.”

With this transition, “there are going to be new manufacturing systemsnew processes, new materials, plastic and aluminum are increased, molten steel is reduced, there are big changes, everything is going to be reflected in the entire value chain”, he asserted.

In this sense, he gave the example of the Monterrey Nemakwhose components are at the heart of internal combustion vehicles, because they manufacture engine heads and monoblocks, which are parts that are going to disappear, because they are not needed in a electric vehicle.

“What they are going to do (at Nemak) is move to manufacture components for hybrid cars and components for electric vehicle batteries, battery casings, they have started to investigate and have found solutions to join various parts that are made of steel, and today they are a single piece of cast aluminum and lighter, due to the change in functionality”.

“We see that they already have 1 billion dollars of structural parts of electric vehicles of its clients, its objective is to reach 2 billion dollars in contracts, it is an important player in the traditional industry that is migrating to the electric vehicle”, stressed Montoya Ortega.

He explained that in the Cluster ecosystem they have companies like Metalsa that are already making parts for electric vehicles, because a long time ago they manufactured a truck and transformed it into an electric one.

Also Quimmco Grouphas several five-ton truck initiatives, and has worked with FEMSA (Solística) on a platform with a 100% electric drivetrain for a light truck (Isuzu) with technological adaptations with a concept called Atmovum.

“The big players are moving and everyone in the value chain is going to have to migrate to the electric vehicle, for now we must not miss the opportunity that the USMCA is opening up, especially auto parts exports to the United States,” the manager specified.

It was expected that in 2025 the penetration of electric vehicles would increase in America, in Europe it is advancing more because the legislation is more aggressive. By 2030 China is expected to have 25% of electric carsand America will be far behind with 11%, explained the director of CLAUT.


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