Authorities investigate tree fall that claimed the life of a man in Ibagué

Authorities investigate tree fall that claimed the life of a man in Ibagué

The Regional Autonomous Corporation of Tolima (Cortolima) announced that will investigate the circumstances in which the fall of a tree was recorded in the vicinity of Parque Centenario, located in the center of Ibagué, which caused the death of a 27-year-old man and left two more people injured.

It is worth remembering that the tree collapsed when it was intervened, according to the environmental entity, in maintenance and extension activities. It fell on a family that was passing through the park.

In context: Tree fall in Ibagué park leaves a man dead and two people injured.

product of injury Andrés Felipe Góngora, 27 years old, died. Natalia González, who was pregnant, suffered a fractured femur and underwent an emergency cesarean section; while the seven-year-old had minor injuries.

Olga Lucía Alfonso Lanini, director of Cortolima, said that she will check if the contractor that carried out the work adopted measures and protocols to guarantee the safety of passers-by.

“What we were doing was trying to give more space to the trees that are practically being hanged by the cement. That contract has supervision, policies, permits and investigations will be carried out. The contractor will have to review everything that corresponds to the measures that he should have taken,” Alfonso said.

The official explained that the intervention is part of the Ibagué Urban Forestry Master Plan, which establishes actions such as improving the conditions of trees that are decades old.

“They are trees that are mostly over a hundred years old, that have been altered in their normal situation because roads and platforms have been built, and we were precisely trying to save those trees”, he added.

In other news: The Prosecutor’s Office investigates Piedad Córdoba for massive fundraising.

In an emergency, the Mayor’s Office ordered the temporary closure of Centennial Park to avoid further damage.

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