Authorities investigate mysterious disappearance of 10-year-old boy on Providencia Island

The Providencia authorities advance investigations to find 10-year-old Neiker Livingston, who mysteriously disappeared from his home last Sunday, June 12, at night, apparently when he was sleeping in his room, in the southwestern sector of the island.

Evis Livingston, a Providence councilor and the minor’s aunt, said in an interview with RCN World that last sunday the grandmother put Neiker to bed at 10:00 at night and the next day she went to knock on the door that was locked and the boy did not answer.

“She warned the family of calling him so much and not listening to him, they began to look for him around the house and found the window open, They managed to enter the room and only found the shorts that the boy had on the bed. So far, in all the search that has been done with the community, the Army and the Police, it has not appeared,” Evis pointed out.

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The woman pointed out that an event like this had never happened in Providencia and added that the child did not go out with anyone. “He is a very home boy, he is not a boy who walks in the street, it is not known who he went out with, That is the big question we have. There is no clue, there is no indication of anything so far, ”he stressed.

In that sense, Councilor Evis Livingston assured that the whole community has collaborated with the search for his nephew, while he explained that the southeast beach is very close, which has already been reviewed, including the mangroves and the pipes. “Absolutely everything we have reviewed, even the cisterns,” she said.

He added that there would be no reason for the child to hide because of some scolding and that everything in his house was normal. “It’s something we don’t understand,” she said.

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Neiker’s councilwoman and aunt concluded that the search for her nephew intensified through a special group with dogs, personnel from the island and the national government.

“Of all that we have traveled we have not found clues, so we expect specialized help so that they can support us in the search for Neiker,” he said.

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