Authorities agree that the democratic order should prevail

Authorities agree that the democratic order should prevail

Respect for the democratic order prevailed in the opinion of some of those interviewed by Correo Huancavelica after the political scandal that shook the country yesterday, after the frustrated closure of the Congress of the now former president Pedro Castillo, his decision to vacate and the inauguration of the new president Dina Boluarte.

The first councilor of the Provincial Municipality of Huancavelica, Edgar Ruiz Villar, affirmed that there has been a “pitched battle” between the executive and the legislature; and that they all abandoned the executive.

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“The executive did not have the necessary support from its ministers, nor from the armed and police forces, nor from the Peruvian people, I think we have heard loudly that the antauristas were going to support it, but unfortunately this opportunity was conspicuous by its absence, this shows how opportunistic they are,” said Ruiz Villar.

In turn, the president of the board of superior prosecutors of Huancavelica, Luis Jorge Valdivia Grados, stated that as an autonomous entity they support the institutionality of the rule of law and the decisions of the Prosecutor of the Nation Patricia Benavides.

Regarding the restructuring announced in Castillo’s “coup” speech, Valdivia reaffirmed that the Public Ministry is an autonomous entity and there was no concrete basis for requesting that the autonomous institutions be modified.

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“We are an autonomous entity, we are governed by the rules and directives issued by the National Prosecutor, the statement issued by the now vacated president Pedro Castillo, was without concrete foundation to request that the autonomous institutions be renewed… it would not have a legal basis so that this intervention can be decreed to the autonomy of the Public Prosecutor’s Office”, he sentenced

In the same way, we are looking for the regional councilor Fernando Clemente Arana, who said that there is a political crisis that is causing concern to the Peruvian people.

“Damage for the population of Huancavelica, not much progress has been made, there is a lot of need in Huancavelica, there was a change of ministers, Congress did not approve some bills, it is chaos, really worrying, as a regional authority, about what happens to national level”, said Clemente Arana.

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He noted: “You have to be realistic, there was no forceful support (for Huancavelica), despite the fact that we gave it support, according to what they said there were projects to give Huancavelica a look, but, with this crisis, nothing was seen.”

“They stated that there were projects for Huancavelica, but, with this crisis, nothing has been seen,” explained the regional councilor Clemente Arana.

On the other hand, the president of the Huancavelica Provincial Defense Front, Miguel Cárdenas Ordoñez, said that this situation was a surprise.

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“We will reach the 90s, like in the Fujimori era, where unionists were persecuted, and that is a loss for us, and on the other hand, the president who did not have the balls or the pants on well to do what we asked of him , he allowed himself to be cornered,” said Cárdenas Ordoñez.

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