Author of the massacre in Texas enjoyed killing animals and was recorded while doing it

Author of the massacre in Texas enjoyed killing animals and was recorded while doing it

Salvador Ramos, who in recent days was the intellectual actor of the massacre in a school in Texas, and who was killed after this crime, made chilling videos in which he held bags that had dead cats inside, something that also scandalized the world.

Despite the fact that Ramos’ mother stated that this subject was not the person they wanted to show, in the film he indicates that he is a fan of weapons and especially animal abuse, since, according to versions of his grandfather, this individual “enjoyed doing them”.

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However, a person close to the murderer said in statements to the Daily Beast newspaper that Ramos, le liked to go to the parks and sought to annoy several people to seek lawsuits. And in turn, she mentioned that he was fascinated by bothering any animal he saw prowling around the green areas.

This information was confirmed by other colleagues who regularly shared with Ramos, who, in effect, said that the man presumed to also attempt against dogs and enjoyed broadcasting this fearsome practice through the Yubo platform.

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However, these strangenesses were not the only thing that pleased the 19-year-old, but it was also revealed by some women that this man andHe would strike up some awkward conversations with them, showing them his collection of weapons and talking obscenities. Once he was rejected, he threatened to sexually abuse them and even kidnap them.

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