Australian Secretary of State assures that side letter proposal is being “considered”

During this session, the Assistant Minister for Foreign Affairs of Australia, Tim Watts, arrived in the country to meet with government authorities. This, under the framework of a tour that includes Peru, due to the General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS).

The purpose of the visit is to negotiate side letters for the modification of the dispute resolution mechanism of the TPP11 and other bilateral matters.

Since emmol Watts was asked about TPP11 and the conversations he has been able to have around it. The Secretary of State pointed out “not much, this is the first day of my trip, but I imagine that it will appear in talks”, he also confirmed that the Australian government has already acknowledged receipt of Chile’s request to bilaterally negotiate the resolution system of treaty conflicts.

“Australia ratified TPP11, as members of the treaty we received a request to side letter of the Chilean government. We are considering that requirement. The treaty processes are quite extensive, so we’re looking at it through those processes,” he detailed.

Watts has already met with the Minister of Agriculture, Stephen Valenzuelaand the holder of the Mining portfolio, Marcela Hernandoto deal with trade issues, business opportunities, climate change, among others.

He also held a meeting with his counterpart, Foreign Minister Antonia Urrejola. On the way to the meeting, Watts said that “it is an opportunity to meet the new government, we have a new government in Australia as well, and see the opportunities for cooperation between the two governments.”

“The new government in Australia shares a lot of similar goals with the Boric government. We want to see meaningful action on climate change, in indigenous constitutional recognition, so I’m having discussions with various ministers and stakeholders in the country to see if we can work together”, this in relation to the Labor Party that is in the administration of the country, a center-left coalition.

In addition, he warned that “any response” by Australia regarding TPP11 could take months to implement and stressed that one of the issues that will have the greatest emphasis on his visit to the country is climate change.

“This is an important agenda not only for our agenda, but also globally,” he said.

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