August 6, national holiday: Why is it a holiday and what is celebrated on that day?

August 6, national holiday: Why is it a holiday and what is celebrated on that day?

Attention. This Saturday, August 6, is a holiday throughout Peru after the promulgation by the Executive Power of the law approved by the Congress of the Republic.

The rule establishes that starting this year, August 6 will be a national holiday throughout the country. However, many Peruvians have been wondering what is celebrated or commemorated on August 6 for the government to have declared it a holiday.

In this CORREO note you will find all the details about what will happen that day in our country.

Why will August 6 be a holiday?

On August 6, the Battle of Junín is commemorated and that is why the government promulgated the law that declares the commemorative date a national holiday from now on. In other words, as of today, all August 6 will be holidays for the public and private sectors throughout Peru.

Likewise, the informs that the Ministries of Education, Culture and Defense are in charge of scheduling official activities to commemorate and celebrate said date.

What is celebrated on August 6?

On August 6 the Battle of Junín is celebrated, since it was in the year 1824 that this battle took place in the Junín pampa (that is why it bears that name) or also called ‘Meseta de Bombón’. This battle confronted the patriot armies (led by Simón Bolívar) and the royalists (commanded by José Canterac).

This battle became an important antecedent to the Battle of Ayacucho (December 9, 1824) where Antonio José de Sucre faced the Spanish Army for the last time and it was there that the independence of South America was finally consolidated.

Details about the August 6 holiday

It is important to inform that the Law 31530 has made some modifications regarding the holiday this Saturday, August 6. And it is that, article 6 of Legislative Decree 713, by which the legislation on paid breaks of workers subject to the labor regime of private activity is consolidated.

Upcoming holidays in Peru

With the inclusion of this date, this is the list of holidays in the Peruvian territory:

  • Saturday August 6: Battle of Junin.
  • Tuesday 30 August: Santa Rosa de Lima.
  • Saturday 08 October: Battle of Angamos.
  • Tuesday 01 November: All Saints Day.
  • Thursday 08 December: Immaculate Conception’s Day.
  • Friday 09 December: Battle of Ayacucho – Non-working day in the public sector.
  • Sunday 25 December: Christmas

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