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AUF board trusts in the renewal of Alonso as coach of Uruguay

The board of the Uruguayan Football Association (AUF) “is confident” in the possible contract renewal of the coach of the Celeste team, Diego Alonso, who ended his agreement with the team after the elimination of the Uruguayan team in the Qatar 2022 World Cup .

“Today there is no decision made. We have confidence in the coach. We had a talk and I confirmed my confidence in him but we have to talk. The president has confidence in the coach.” expressed this Sunday the president of the AUFIgnacio Alonso Labat, in an interview with the local channel Teledoce.

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Alonso Labat He insisted that he would personally renew the coach’s contractalthough it must measure “certain circumstances and evaluations” that “cannot be measured in two days” after the controversial elimination of the Uruguayan team in the group stage.

Last Friday Diego Alonso postponed everything related to his future in the team in a few days, when he will chat “quietly” with the AUFonce he considered that on that occasion it was “too soon, hotly, to be able to talk” about it, while He did not reveal what his intention is, whether to continue in the sky-blue team or return to lead a club.

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“It is too early, hot, to be able to speak. We will simply let the hours, the days and we will chat quietly“, explained the coach when asked when the conversation with the Uruguayan Football Association will take place to decide whether or not to continue in charge of the senior team.

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