Auditoría revela actos de corrupción en  Politur y/o Cestur 2010-2021

Audit reveals acts of corruption in Politur and/or Cestur 2010-2021

Santo Domingo.-The Chamber of Accounts confirmed that after audit found alleged acts of corruption in the Central Directorate of the Tourism Police (Folitur) and/or the Specialized Body for Tourist Security (Cestur) in the period between January 1, 2010 and May 31, 2021.

The audit investigation report showed that during the physical inspection of suppliers, Rawel Importadores, SRL, was an intermediary in the sale of fuels, invoiced and received payments, but did not supply the product, which was carried out by another entity.

They paid in cash and only kept the resources to pay taxes, according to the auditors.

According to the report, the entity made payments for the purchase of fuel, for a total amount of RD$72,333.75L, to the company Rawel Importadores, in which it showed that its shareholders have blood ties with the financial director, Rafael Núñez de Aza.

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While the legal part of the Chamber of Accounts said that the parties violated the provisions of article 146, numerals 1 and 2, of the Constitution that expressly express: article 146, – Prohibition of corruption. All forms of corruption in State bodies are condemned.

The auditors also found contracting with the company Global Investment and Business Bridimar and the commercial operations with Cestur, at that time the Central Directorate of the Tourism Police (Politur), carried out the contracting for the acquisition of 30 motorcycles, mono cylindrical 200, of five speeds, with the company Global Investment and Business Bridimar for an amount of RD$2,133,558., through the price comparison process.

But, in the operation, the following observations were evidenced: a) Modification to the object of the contract and specifications, the entity prepared an amendment to the contract signed with the provider Global Investment and Business Bridimar, on December 22, 2020, for an amount of RD$2,133,558., where he made a change in the model of motorcycles CG200 to GY150, as well as a variation in the quantities from 30 to 20 motorcycles.

In another operation, there is also the preparation of a detailed report after the end of the emergency process where the Cestur/Politur authorities acquired fuel tickets, through process number DCPT-PE-33/2018, as an exception under the emergency modality for an amount of RD$ 12,660,000., of said process did not prepare the detailed report subsequent to the end of the Urgent Process, to be sent to the Comptroller General of the Republic and Chamber of Accounts.

In the same it was verified that the entity in the audited period did not have applicable internal regulations for the control of the liabilities of the Politur and/or Cestur.

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