ATTT discusses with the AIG the use of 10% of the Digital Voucher to pay tariffs on parts of the selective sector

Given the temporary lifting of the strike of carriers from West Panama that they had been holding for two days due to the increase in fuel prices, the director of the Land Transit and Transportation Authority (ATTT), Carlos Ordóñez, expressed this Wednesday on Radio Panama , that since November “we have been paying attention to the transport sector to avoid an increase in user fares.”

He stated that he understands the problem that exists with the increase in fuel, but it is a problem that is out of the hands of the Government, for which he reiterated the call for dialogue to see how responsible solutions can be achieved for the transport sector in the west area.

He specified that the transportation union has been given different proposals and an agreement was signed where $8 million more was given to the selective and collective sector of West Panama. “The part tariff tax was exempted and the use of 10% of the Digital Voucher to pay in the selective sector is being analyzed with the AIG. These proposals were signed and accepted,” he remarked.

Ordóñez stressed that those $8 million will begin to be distributed, but while the routes established by law are being made in order to distribute them as quickly as possible. “We’re already doling out $3 million,” she said.

Regarding the freezing of the price of fuel, he pointed out that the Secretary of Energy was at the dialogue table and explained why fuel cannot be frozen, making this point clear to all transporters in the western area.

It should be noted that Jorge Dimas, leader of the Provincial Chamber of Transportation, indicated that they suspended the strike pending a response from President Laurentino Cortizo, this Thursday, April 28.

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