Atlético Tucumán beat Newell's and clings to the top of the Professional League

Atlético Tucumán beat Newell’s and clings to the top of the Professional League

Photo: Diego Araoz.

Atlético Tucumán defeated Newell’s Old Boys 2-0, at the José Fierro stadium and for the eleventh date of the LPF tournament, and took more advantage at the top.

The “Dean” is the leader of the tournament with 25 points and now he took 4 points ahead of his escort, Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata. He also is the only undefeated, has a streak of six consecutive wins and has 556 minutes without conceding goals.

On the contrary, Newell’s added the third loss in a row and six games without winning, which moved him away from the point that he knew how to show in the first dates of the contest.

Ramiro Carrera and Renzo Tesuri, with their conversions in the second half, sealed the success of the local team.

As soon as the ball began to roll in the Tucuman field, the Rosario team sought to surprise the homeowner, who did not give an exit with the high pressure exerted and the possession of the ball.

Thus, Newell’s had several dangerous charges, with the clearest in the execution of a free kick over the barrier by Cristian Lema, which the Bolivian goalkeeper Carlos Lampe with effort managed to deflect to the side, at 8 minutes.

Only after the first quarter of an hour Lucas Pusineri’s men were able to get out of the siege and generate a quick reply, which in his charge Ramiro Ruiz Rodríguez defined with a strong low and crossed shot, deflected and close to the right flue of the visitor’s goal.

From then on the game, which remained intense and fast, was more even. The ‘Dean’ managed to balance it by opposing a tougher task in midfield, although without generating very dangerous situations for the defense of the “Leprosy”.

In that, those led tactically by Javier Sanguinetti differed, who knew how to put together some arrivals with risk, such as the one that ended with Ramiro Sordo with a header, which between Lampe’s left hand and the crossbar prevented the opening for the ‘rojinegros’, at 37 minutes.

Photo Diego Aroz
Photo: Diego Araoz.

With similar characteristics, the actions continued in the first passages of the supplement, in which the experienced visiting midfielder Pablo Pérez, due to a strong ball he received in the right ear before a clearance by Manuel Capasso, fell very sore and dazed, so that the Newell’s doctor decided that he should be substituted, after 4 minutes.

This produced the player’s anger with gestures of annoyance towards the doctor and towards Sanguinetti, who ordered Guillermo Balzi to replace him.

Three minutes later there was another situation that stopped the game for six minutes, when Gastón Gil Romero caught Ramiro Sordo from behind, who immediately got up and hit the Atlético Tucumán midfielder from behind, when the referee Andrés Merlos had already sanctioned the fault in favor of Newell’s.

The main judge admonished Gil Romero and expelled the striker from the visit for the aggression. After reviewing the VAR, in charge of the referee Hernán Mastrángelo, Merlos reviewed his ruling and changed the red card to a yellow one for Sordo, who thus continued in the match.

Photo Diego Aroz
Photo: Diego Araoz.

The subsequent development became more discreet, with a slight predominance of the championship leader, who found the opening with a personal maneuver by Ruiz Rodríguez, who after stealing the mark from two opponents sent a center back so that Carrera, in the middle of the visiting area, connected with a right hand directed to the left by Franco Herrera, who could do nothing to prevent the fall of his fence, at 28 minutes.

With effort and pride, the Rosario team reacted to seek equality, but it was not enough.

On the contrary, in the final minute of added time and when the goalkeeper went in search of a header on a corner kick in favor, he left the goal unguarded, which the entered player Renzo Tesuri took advantage of in a quick reply to score the second goal of the winner. .

For the next date, the twelfth, Atlético Tucumán will visit Arsenal, from Sarandí, on Saturday, August 6 at 1:00 p.m.; the next day at 6:00 p.m., Newell’s will receive Colón from Santa Fe.

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